Beautiful evolution

These days there is so much support, healing and clarity available for us.
Even though there may be moments in which you may not feel it, it is crucial you keep your faith and trust this journey.
If we are still feeling challenged, we are asked to go more within and pay more attention. This is a learning curve. There are many signs, synchronicities, messages in your daily life, in your dreams, through spirit animals, insects etc
You have a chance to upgrade your connection with spirit at this time.
If you do quiet down, observe and listen more carefully, you will have an exquisite opportunity to understand on a deeper level much of what you have gone through, especially recently and what has been your lesson.
The understanding may probably come about gradually as you add up the signs.
To reach this point you will have to let go of your focus on what is disturbing and frustrating you and do what you can to lighten your energy and focal point to things that please you, thus allowing you to vibrate on a higher level.
In addition, a nice practice to do is to wish well, even and especially to those who wish you harm.
Make it a daily practice, shifting lower energies for all of us.
We are here to transform darkness into light.
Otherwise, take good care of your well-being and health, resting more at this time, drinking more water and eating fresh wholesome food full of vitality.
All this of course in itself is a great part of the higher purpose involved,
But as you do all this you will be more tuned in and receive more easily the clarity offered to you.
Hitting this point will be so liberating, and may involve releasing ego, the need to control, lots of compassion & forgiveness for yourself and others.
This will be a humbling experience
If you allow it to unfold and more peace will overcome you, even if still at moments you will go a bit back and forth from this new found consciousness, you will have ‘seen the light’ and there can be no real going back. Just a bit of adjusting your energy and your conditioned habits.
You will be able to do that and keep rising.

Find that Spot

No matter what is going on at the moment dont be fooled by outer circumstances for whatever is happening for you has a higher purpose as everything always does. Thank the situation for the opportunity to turn inwards, clear what needs clearing and learn what needs learning. This can only be done when all the outer cast is released and you allow yourself to connect with your pure soul, your higher self and Grace.
As humans many times we are pushed to this sacred space only in difficult, challenging and sometimes painful situations, only then we are willing to strip the ego, conditioning, and anything superficial that does not align with our higher being and soul growth.
Within a stressful situation search quietly within, in total surrender, for that point of peace, breathe deeply and rest there. There you will meet Grace.
That is what is asked of you now.
Surrender all that does not belong to your pure soul and its mission.
Give it all to the Divine
Not everything can be understood all at once
Not everything has to
Things have ways of unfolding with time in ways and stages adapted to our capacity to apprehend.
Trust is key
Remember we are eternal souls
We are here on a journey
We experience
And evolve
All of it counts
All of it is important
All of it makes up
Who we are
And who we become
We are all on a unique journey
And we also need to allow others their choices and ways to find their own way towards their evolution
Find peace in that
We are responsible for our own inner work
We can help when we can
But we cannot be attached to their choices
Some soul contracts are ending
And new ones that align with your energy and mission will enter your life.
Thank everyone who have participated on your journey for they were your teachers and bless them on the continuation of their journey.
Find your quiet
Find your peace
And be proud of your dedication to your own growth
In this dedication
You are also contributing
To us All
Thank you
Bless you

Savor the sweet and Rise

We have just moved through the 12.12 gateway, we have the New Moon tomorrow and we are heading towards the 21.12 solstice which is also a major energetic portal this year.
We are going through a new phase in our evolution. Release the thinking mind and allow the light to usher in, the angels to do their work and transformation to occur. Old ways and thoughts make way for new better ones if you allow them to. The Universe is helping you do this.
Old memories may have been coming up for you for a while for the purpose of healing and release.
All kinds of crazy little details you have long forgotten come to the surface with no apparent reason.
All of it is to close circles and chapters of all of your experiences. If you follow the dots you may even understand why lots of things happened and how they have created the richer, wiser you of today, how they have given you the tools for your true soul purpose about to manifest.
You are encouraged at this time to release the bitter and save/savor the sweet, for within the folds of all the difficult experiences, there has also been some sweet, gifts for your journey.
If you release the bitterness and look through the difficult parts with the eyes of compassion, you will also receive gifts of wisdom and understanding of how humanity reaches its lowest destructive parts and how this can be avoided for the benefit of everyone.
Gratitude to be able to do this work and learning will open the doors to the opportunity to put all these new tools to work and create a better world for us all each in our own unique way.
Thank you for being on this journey

Moving on

DSC_1068 crp evolving sind

So much has come up for us recently
It can be overwhelming
We have been shaken to our core
So that we can finally expose and revoke
That which has been hidden,
That does not serve our higher good,
To be Healed and released
For us to create a better world,
That aligns with our higher purpose,for the greater good of All.
There are those who continue to indulge
And nurture
That which needs to be released
This is a waste of precious time and energy
The more you can acknowledge
That which does not serve you
And let go
The more you can join the New Energy
That is coming in for us All.
Take the time to tune into it.
Dont be influenced by those who feel the need to cling to old energy.
Do what you need
To distance yourself
And focus
On the New Empowering Energy taking place
Rest more if you feel depleted by the shift
And need to heal
But dont lose your sense of direction.
We ARE in the Creation of the NEW at this very second
The process and physical evidence takes time but it also depends highly on each and every one of you, on your willingness to let go of the old and move into the flow of Evolution.
There is already so much change in the making that we may be unaware of
But it IS occurring and quite quickly indeed.
The best you can do at the moment for yourself and for the collective is to tend to your own well being, your own vibration,
Releasing anything and everything related to the old in your life that caused you pain.
No more need to dwell there when there is new exciting change of energy on its way.
Get rid of any reminicense or reminder of these including physical objects in your space,you will see how relieved you will feel, and FREE.
You are no longer who you were years ago or even a day ago, we are constantly evolving as we ALLOW.
Open your day to a NEW HORIZON ,Creating something totally NEW and BEAUTIFUL in every thought and act you do.
Your ENERGY counts
In Your Life
And in Our Lives
Make it one
That creates Goodness,Joy,Kindness,Light and Love for yourself and others.
Much love

Create more

commitment unsind fixed snd

You may find yourself feeling emotional again after recent events.
You have been moving forward and then a reminder or a trigger may have you going back.
You have the power to handle this in a way that is beneficial for you bringing healing and forward growth.
Honor your emotions but honor yourself, your energy, your well being and your spiritual growth more than anything.
See the lessons from this situation. See how you have connected more to your inner power and unveiled more of your magnificence.
There may have been moments you have been tuned in to that and shined, feeling an exhilaration for life, a freedom of creation as there are no limitations only to feel once again the fear creeping in remembering past hurt that keeps you from flying.
Dont do that to yourself.
You have tasted freedom.
You have seen your beauty shine through.
Dont give in to your fears.
If you still need to process some of that past hurt then do so
But dont lose perspective and dont stay there.
If the hurt is bringing back resentment
Make a point in forgiving, releasing the resentment in order to gain your freedom.
Release what has been
Let it go
Prior events
And older events
Embrace your freedom of expression and creation, setting loose all your zest for life
All your creative juices craving to be set free
Open yourself to more, much more than what you have been allowing yourself to see, to embrace, to experience in this life
There is so much more in you to be expressed.
There is so much more to be experienced.
The possibility of expanding your experience lies in your hands alone.
Look at how you limit yourself on a daily basis.
Look at what you tell yourself about yourself and about life.
You do not realise how you limit your experience with negative limiting thoughts.
There is a whole new world waiting for you to experience.
Widen your perspective about yourself
About your capabities and about life.
Open up to more opportunities around you that you may not have seen
Open your eyes, your ears and your state of mind.
Let go of what has come before
Set out to experience more out of life
And you will find more
Make sure you pay attention to the energy and intentions you are putting out there with your thoughts and spoken word, even your actions, and pay attention to the energy you are absorbing
Make sure you surround yourself with positive influence through the people you are in contact with or any information you read or see online
Surround yourself with beauty and uplifting vibration and nourish your world with the same
Expect to see a positive turnaround
In the way you experience life
One that will honor your creation as you honor yourself ❤

Much Love & Healing Blessings
*Image taken from Kahliya’s ‘Soul Inspirations’ Message cards available in Kahliya’s online shop.
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Personal Power


What a momentum
A moment of choosing your personal power
No matter what you are facing
No matter how difficult it may seem
No matter who or what your dealing with
There is always
In your center lies your power
Take back your energy within
No matter what goes on around you
Deep within is a calm collected being of Light
Directly connected to the Divine
There is knowing
There is Grace
There is serenity
There is love
There is joy
And above all
There is a knowing of who you are
If others around you move away from their own state of knowing
There is no reason for you to absorb lower energy
And certainly no reason for you to move away from your own state of knowing
Your own Soul
Remain centered
Remain calm
Remain detached
Dont let anyone pull you into their chaos
This may possibly be
One of the most important lessons we have in this experience called life
Maintaining and mastering who we are
In our highest possible vibration
Despite anything going on around us
This takes work
But well worth it
And highly important in our existence
If you need to leave the space to recollect
Do so
Even for a moment
If you cant
Practice detachment
Place yourself in a white bubble of protection in which you nourish and preserve your own energy and dont let any lower energy enter your private space
Practice deep breathing
Ask for Angelic assistance
Do anything you can to move within to find your calm and connect with your higher power
Focus on your higher purpose
That which you are here to do
Nourish that
And take care of your own well being and vibration to be able to continue to invest your high energy in your purpose.
No one can take away your peace
Only you can allow it to be taken away
Practicing detachment
To heal and maintain your highest vibration for yourself and others you continue to interact with is important to focus on.
In doing so you will have learned more about your own personal power
And you will have inspired others.
You will also have stopped the endless vicious cycle we are all used to getting into which creates escalation and further pain and chaos
Be the one today that puts a stop to all of that
Be the one who connects to your higher self and grows and glows way past what is occuring
Chances are whoever you are dealing with will have the space to find their own center once again
Either way
You will have learned a golden lesson
To be proud of and to continue to serve you on the rest of your journey
Peace and power to you
Much Love & Healing Blessings
*Image taken from Kahliya’s ‘Soul Inspirations’ Message cards available in Kahliya’s online shop.
*If you are interested in a personal Soul Guidance consultation, visit Kahliya’s website for details.
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Higher Purpose


If youve been through a bit of a startling upheaval, take a deep Breath.
Take a few deep Breaths.
You may have thought things were finally starting to smooth out, even if you still felt a bit stuck and impatient, but the challenges seemed to have subsided only raise their head again out if nowhere.
But alas, look closely
Can you look at this differently this time?
Perhaps this is just some more spring cleaning just before you start moving straight ahead.
Perhaps you needed to revisit an issue
Even if you dont currently understand why.
If youre feeling confused
And release the thinking mind
Understand that your purpose here in this Existence is much Higher than what may seem troubling at this time.
This is not to say its not important, just that YOU are much more important than your confusion.
Trust that everything will sort out how it should.
Trust and Allow your Angels to give you Clarity.
Ask your Angels and guides to intervene for your Highest Good and let go.
Trust there is a Higher Purpose for Everything
Do not get caught up in the details of the situation
And certainly not in any negative thoughts of any kind.
Relax any stress this may have caused.
Rest and be gentle with yourself
Take good care of your well being first and foremost.
Leave your thoughts and any decisions for later.Restore your balance .
Drink plenty of water, eat heathy and find calm in Nature or in a restorative spot.
As you release, you will receive small gifts of Guidance for your path, perhaps sensations as to how you are guided to feel to reach once again your personal sense of power.
Allow yourself to be guided as you relax.
The pieces of the puzzle will come together.
The only focus you need to have is to raise your vibration and to remember your Higher Purpose, that which you are guided to do here on earth to serve others, and then you will have gained your Higher Perspective.
Breathe in your Source of Creation
You are an essential part of all of Creation
Connect to your Essence
That which connects to All that Is
Thank you for Being here
You are Love
You are Light
And you are a part of the Divine ❤
Much Love & Healing Blessings
*Image taken from Kahliya’s ‘Soul Inspirations’ Message cards available in Kahliya’s online shop.
*If you are interested in a personal Soul Guidance consultation, visit Kahliya’s website for details.
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Some days are slower than others
We are going through major clearing
Time and space is needed to allow for this important clearing
Old dense energy needs to be released for more of your light to be integrated
Do not be disheartened
Allow the process
Allow for low key days
And flow with what is
The less you get upset
The easier things will pick up
The more you are at peace
The more you allow what is meant for you to flow to you
Be gentle with yourself
Take it nice and slow
Tend to little simpler things
Understand that your energy has to adjust
With all the changes taking place
All is well
Even when things may seem a bit icky or stuck
Or even maybe difficult emotions arise
Just flow as you can
Rest up as possible
Things Are definitely moving
Even when you think theyre not
It will all become clearer sooner than you think
Slowly but surely
You Are getting there ♡
Much Love & Healing Blessings
*Image taken from Kahliya’s ‘Soul Inspirations’ Message cards available in Kahliya’s online shop.
*Checkout some cool tshirts and other products with Kahliya’s Positive messages.
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