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Break the Chain ~

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Everyday we have opportunities presented to us to either choose growth or continue preconditioned ways stemmed from our wounds.
Many times we are so disturbed by these opportunities that our first response is : Why this ? Why me? Why Now ?
Rather than question, what if we were able to see these incidents as gifts of opportunity?
One thing is for sure
If we fail to hear the message
They will continue to come around until we do..
So what if we just stop and Breathe deeply before we respond so easily?
We say many times how we wish to release our wounded selves and dont know how..
Well this is our opportunity
Right then and there when we feel a bit disturbed and bewildered
Stop before you react so easily
The way you know how
Breathe into that space of pause
What do you see ?
What is this really touching ?
Who and what is really reacting ?
Does this feel familiar ?
Does it connect to an old wound ?
Breathe some fresh air into that wound
Are you ready to release it?
Are you willing ?
Stand tall
Connect to the True Essence
Of who You Are
Beyond any hurt inflicted upon you
Whoever has done so
Has acted from HIS
Wounded self
Imagine how Beautiful
If we could all stop acting from our wounds
But from our Light
Which is Eternal and Untouched
Available for us to tap into
If we so Choose!♡
Are you Ready ?
Make a conscious choice Today
Break the Chain of Hurt
Respond from your Light
By doing so you will be passing Light forward instead of pain
And you will be seeing yourself
Freed from your wounds
As the True Light Being that
You Are! ♡
Blessings on your Journey
Much Love

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Blessed Journey

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Mia Leventhal au Club des Poètes 20160215 crp.png

I received this photo this morning

and I am still quite emotional..
I wish to share with you
This is me.. many yrs ago..Paris..the “Club de Poetes”..
The beginning of the dream..of the path.. needless to say , its been quite a journey since then..
I have so much respect for my journey..
If I were to say something to my younger self as to all young people out there

I would say
Hang on to the your passion..
The dream may shift and turn according to what you learn mostly about yourself along the way
But never lose faith in the essence of that dream that you feel inside,

even if you may not even know exactly to describe it.

Believe in yourself and stay open to learn and listen to Higher wisdom

which whispers to you, deep inside all the time.

When spirit sees youre not listening

it sends you messengers

Learn to discern the messengers of light and those who are there to lead you astray, 

they too are to teach you a lesson or two by the way.

Bless your journey.
Have Faith,

despite all that may come by

Forgive yourself and others for mistakes that may occur

we are all doing what we can and learning along the way.

Be prepared to win some, lose some, shed some, shift some

All designed to discover the true you which is at your core

and Create the Existence in which you can Thrive and Shine your True Brilliant Light onto the world.


I am still on the journey
If I have learned anything by now , it is that nothing is coincidence and this photo came to me as a Message from Spirit

To Remember the Essence of who I am

To Remember the Passion

To Close a certain Cycle on a Journey

To Respect all Ive been through

which has prepared me for the further unveiling of my True Being.

Blessed be all that has been and all that is yet to be.

Blessings to all of you on your journey

Much Love