Current energetic activity including the forthcoming Full Moon on the 20th may have you feeling exhausted
You have been through so much change
recently and are still undergoing major transformation
This is causing fatigue as your being is pushed to release the old and adjust to the new updated version of self
Be gentle with yourself
You may have been working diligently on changes in your life and perhaps you feel frustrated about things not moving as fast as you wished.
Rest assured so much is indeed changing
Even if you dont see it all right this moment
There is so much within you that is shifting
The energy of Allowing is just as important as the active energy of movement
Rest if you feel tired
Move a bit slower
And Allow things to come into place
Allow yourself to see the beauty taking place
Slow down and take notice
Tend more to the little things
Take pleasure in a new found reality setting in
Take care of your body
Listen to its needs
Tune into self
If things have been a bit hectic lately
Relax, rest and sleep more at this time
Things will pick up soon enough

Much Love & Healing Blessings
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