Sacred stillness

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You may be feeling very a bit all over the place, anxious, agitated.
You may have been waiting upon an outcome of a situation which seems to be delaying or unclear and this is playing on your nerves.
Breathe deeply
Everyone at the moment is influenced by the the energetic shifts taking place just as you are and everyone deals with this the way they can.
Allowing the process for yourself also means allowing others their own way of processing.
There is though, a higher purpose for the void and it is not to play on your nerves, but to allow you the space to look at yourself, to look within.
Your contentment is not to be found with another person or situation, it is to be found within yourself.
Find the importance in stillness.
Stillness is a sacred practice.
Stillness, especially with the aid of deep breathing exercises, allows to settle the nerves and agitation and bring your focus back to you and the present moment.
It also allows you to create the space in which your higher self and the Divine can guide you.
If it’s difficult for you to be completely still, find any simple repetitive activity that allows you to settle into the activity and let go of your thinking mind.
This could be any physical activity, gardening, handcraft or even washing the dishes, for example.
Let go of analizing the situation.
Focus on the now.Focus on you.
You may find there are ways in which you are not totally ready for what you are yearning for and need to tend to things within yourself to reach a higher level of contentment within yourself and manifestation.
You may still need healing of any issues that have come up for you or just things you would personally or professionally like to improve and evolve.
You may also find that within the sacred healing space of stillness you will find out more about yourself, your life, your truth that will enlighten you as you move forward.
All in all
It is important to find that your peace and your answers lie within, non dependant on any other person or situation.
Much love

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