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Pure Creation

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As we walk into the energy of the New Moon we are to consider what we are carrying with us towards our New Life of intention.
As We Are Energy, what we think, say and do, carries that energy of our choice, towards what we are Creating.
Take Notice.
Spend a whole day following your thoughts. Do they carry a vibration which can create positive manifestation ?
If not set the intention to shift them one thought at a time until you recreate a new habit.
Same with your expressions outwards. Express that which you truly believe in and that which you desire.
Otherwise, take the time to re evaluate your choices and your acts. Make sure they fully represent your Truth, Integrity and Honesty.
Some of our habits are sometimes borrowed from our surroundings and do not fully represent our Truth.
Now is the time to Choose Yourself as the Owner and Creator of your Life.
Follow your own lead and watch your own Magic* unfold!
Blessings on your journey
Happy New Moon
Much love

*Image taken from Kahliya’s ‘Soul Inspiration’ message cards available in Kahliya’s online shop


Moment of Clearing

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During these intense times of transformation
It is inevitable
That ‘stuff’ comes up for you and for others
Old wounds need to be cleared in order for us to rise higher and manifest our true beings.
It is essential to take time and space to avoid chaos and allow the processing of all that comes up,
Enabling the purifying of thoughts and emotions by clearing whatever belongs to the past and is not needed
To take with us on our journey towards our magnificence.
Take time to be still
To breathe deeply
Allowing things to just surface freely and release
Things that have been said and done
Recently or in the past
Release your mental grasp
And allow everything to flow freely
Clean yourself from emotional and mental clutter
Let the truth shine forth and be freed
Allow the quiet time to enable this
Breathe deeply and release all tension in the body
Detach from the thinking mind
Let go
Keep breathing deeply
In and out
Focus on the breathing alone
Breathe in light and clarity
Breathe out any tension any clutter
Float on a cloud of emptiness and freedom
Sail on the wings of peace
The wings of our true being
Release it all
And restart again
From the state of who you truly are
Blessings on your journey
Much love

*Image taken from Kahliya‘s ‘Soul Inspiration’ message cards available in online shop

I Create my Own Magic ~

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Energy shifts are in full force at the moment
Many of us are feeling depleted and bewildered..
After so much work on ourselves we ask this again?
But alas
All of this is designed to shake out of our system anything that is not aligned with our light.
We still have so much unhealed pain and frustration ..out they go
The process of releasing these are unfortunately also painful..there is no escaping this if we are truly devoted to the process..
Breathe through it
Embrace it for what it is
It is a part of you that wishes to be released
Allow it to do so
Let it go
There also may be outer events mirroring these old frustrations
Look at them for what they are
But look at them in a new angle
From your true soul
Do not hold on to resentment and frustration
We are ‘way outta there’…
Try to find a detached observation point holding onto your soul truth and see All which you observe, on the path of Transformation and Healing.

You may also be feeling everything you try to express and contribute is being met with resistance.
Keep going..
You are being asked to reach deep within, to your core being, your soul’s Light and Truth, and Celebrate who you are, despite anything going on.
Nurture all that is Precious and Beautiful within your existence,
Everything you Value.
Keep going,
Keep doing that,
Keep building who you are.
Everything is Energy
And this must be your choice
Of how you Direct your Energy
For the good of All
We All need that
Even if we dont know it yet
Even if we dont show it yet
And above all
You need You
You need the Whole of You
That is Shining Light
And since everything is Energy
Once you tune yourself into nurturing your own Light Energy this will create a snowball effect that keeps growing within you and for others affected.
If something occurs that knocks you off your horse , just get back up there and keep doing your thing
Keeeeeeeep Going
Keep Rising

Go on then
Create your own magic 🙂
Much love




Recreating a New Reality ~

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Dear friends,

It is a great time of transformation for me as I carry my world of Kahliya and Aakhda with me into this passage.

Certain personal dreams have been broken, shifts are in the making , and a recreation of reality is occuring!

I have now moved to Paris ,France where I have once lived yrs ago, and I am gently settling in and finding my place, aswell as establishing what I need to continue Kahliya`s activity!

Thank you for your patience, and do stay tuned as I am sure plenty of wondrous surpises are in store!

I will leave you in the meantime with a poem I have written some time we are all constantly shifting and transforming.

Much Love,



Shifting/Mia Leventhal

Old makes room for new..

That which seems to have been broken

has shed itself only to reveal the token

the pure,the essential..

A moment of  stillness

directs us to our true purpose

towards which we continue

Galloping night and day

trying not to go astray.

Hopes ,dreams may take a shift

for the sole purpose

of our souls to uplift.

Expectations ,deceptions

may accompany

but alas

at the end of the day

it is within

that we are to find our Harmony..

*Taken from my poetry site Soul revelations

Shattered pieces/Mia Michael

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Shattered pieces

Turn to

Shiny Glimpses

If you let them..

Waves of Ice

Turn to a slice

Of the most luscious fruit

If you ride them..

Stand out in the rain

unafraid of pain

Allowing every vein

The Glorious Dance

Of Transformation.

* Taken from my poetry site Soul Revelations