Unchain your Heart


All of us have been through hardships and trauma.All of us.
It is important to do the work to heal and release their impressions so that we can only take the lessons with which we are to grow and evolve while remaining open to live fully and further evolve.
Many times the process involves layers and layers of release and healing in which sometimes we replay similar situations for this purpose.
If the traumas are deep, sometimes it involves past life traumas which we had replayed in some way this life in order to heal.
All this is not easy but the answer is in the ability to release.
Finding peace is in the acceptance.
Not approval, not embracing, but acceptance of what was or is and releasing in the knowledge that you, your soul is eternal and represents so much more than whatever attempts to limit it.
Bit by bit, string by string, detach all entanglements from your heart
Each bit that comes up as a memory, look at it and release, find your soul, the place within that is and will always be untouched,
The place that is one with Divine Spirit and is in Peace.Connect with that place,your Higher self, and offer yourself love and healing to your wounded space.Be gentle with yourself and move through the pain with much love, compassion and understanding towards deeper release.
Ask the Divine to help you release any remaining pain lingering within you that hinders your full expansion to life.
If you need professional help please do not hesitate to seek out help.
These days we are within the energy of the New Moon
A New life awaits you, a new chapter with new opportunities.
You may be feeling fears and insecurities arise.
You may also feel remaining fragments of these old traumas resurface.
Don’t panic.Be extra gentle with yourself.
Breathe deeply and into what arises.
See it for what it is.
You are here to heal it all and come out Shining,
Showing yourself and others
That really,
Absolutely nothing can take away your shine
Quite the contrary
You are here to show us
That you can shine even brighter than before
So much so
That even those who tried to limit you will be captivated by your light and finally see
That they too can shine
Deep down inside
We are all light
So waste not a minute longer thinking you cant, thinking you’re damaged or not good enough.
Move beyond limits that belong to lost souls who have lost their light
Bring back your light
So they can find theirs
So we can all find ours
Your are limitless
We are all limitless
May we All Shine
Much love
*Image taken from Kahliya’s ‘Soul Inspirations’ Message cards available in Kahliya’s online shop.
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Shine Through ~


These days our collective trauma has been triggered.
This has surfaced from all hidden memories for us as individuals and as a whole and is very important to Acknowledge , Heal and Clear.
We are all affected in one way or the other.
This may not be easy for many of us
And yet it is crucial we walk through this with our eyes wide open.
On our road toward the Light and the Manifestation of our Soul purpose,
We cannot leave any stone unturned.
On our path of intention, our Energy must be Purely focused like a Beam of Light without carrying any weight of ambiguity.
If you have gone through the trauma of any pain inflicted upon you, it is essential to go through the time needed to Heal.
Shame is one of the crippling factors that block our way to fully Heal.
There is no need to feel shame for those who inflict pain are lost, a situation we are not responsible for.

Stand Tall, Own your Light and Shine through, Transforming any Darkness into Light ,for in doing so you will be showing others the way as well.

For those who have caused pain to others in any way
We were all created by the same Creator and have the ability to Be in his image
Yet we are human and can error along the way and always have the possibility to correct our errors at any given moment.
Acknowledging the error is very important and even is feeling remorse, but debilitating guilt does not serve anyone.
See if you can give back in any way to those who have been hurt. If that is not possible, try to give back to the community in anyway Transforming any Darkness into Light for the benefit of All.
Tend to whatever inside is ailing that causes the further infliction of pain unto others consciously or unconsciously. Seek Help. Help is always available to those who honestly seek.
We are All here to Heal, Grow and Serve, Nourishing Love & Light Together.
The Well Being of Any One affects the wellbeing of the whole.
It is time for us to realise that and Consciously Wish for us All to Heal while to the extent possible doing what we can to serve and help others Heal as well.
Shine Through Dear Family
Much love

*Image taken from Kahliya’s ‘Soul Inspiration’ message cards available in Kahliya’s online shop