True nurturing love

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Many of us have not known stable care, support and love whilst growing up.
As a result we tend to go through all kinds of different scenarios of disfunctional relationships, friendships and romantic,
That replay the wounds and the misunderstanding of healthy relating.
We will go through bouts of being alone,sometimes within relationships,sometimes without,sometimes for long stretches,sometimes shorter.
We will alternate between these experiences and being alone.
Time spent alone is actually your most precious time.It is a time in which you heal by looking at that which did not work, what it relates to in your life and most of all
It is a time in which you learn to truly love yourself.
Your first true and most important connection is with yourself and with the Divine.
Time alone well spent is time in which you develop this connection and nurture it.
You learn so much about who you are and what you feel you are lacking and you learn to offer it to yourself.
You mend your wounds, understanding that you are actually totally able to be there for yourself and that the Divine is Always there for you.
You learn the depth of your connection, your beauty, your value and your capabilities, your power.
It is then, when you have fully nurtured this connection and know to care for yourself and count on yourself and your Divine connection that you naturally release anything and anyone that does not align with your highest good.
True, healthy love relationships and friendships or even work collaborations are ones in which we are devoted to growth, our personal growth within the relationship and the growth of the space of interaction.
This devotion to growth is based on respect, self respect and respect of the other
But it is in our learning to respect ourselves and our connection to spirit that we are fully able to understand how to respect the other.
When we have reached that level of high respect and nurturing of ourselves and our spiritual connection then we are ready to invite into our lives interactions that mirror that same respect, devotion and care.
It is just a natural, flowing continuation of what we are already doing.
Nurturing love, our true state of being,
Knowing who we are and sharing a space in which we continue to nurture our creation by sharing more love and growing together while connecting and listening to the Divine’s guidance and offering of this hightened energy to others
This is what we are here to Create
Nurturing love for All ❤
Much love
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