These days
The past may be coming up for you
This may not be easy for you
Know that it is imperative
The more you advance on your path
The more you need
To release all that is holding you back
So you can truly become who you Are
Youre still holding on to old hurts
And as you Dream to fulfill your Passions
Somewhere deep inside you
You are holding onto to
All that went wrong in the past
For these to come up now
Is an opportunity for you to see
Exactly what youre holding within you
And understand it is time to let all this go
Whatever has happened in your past
Represents lessons
These hold perceived limitations
From which you are to Break Free
For Within You
You Are Everything Your Passion
Dreams to Be
No one and Nothing can hold you back
Within the pain that comes up
Lays the key
Look deep within what comes up
And find the Real You
Through it all
You are there
To come forward
And be Free
Free yourself from
All thats holding you back
You are here
You have lived through
All that attempted to limit you
So you can see
That all you ARE
Is and Always will Be Within You
See all your experiences
With Gentle eyes of
Compassion and Love
Heal yourself from the pain that comes up
Say goodbye to the past
The wings
That are begining
To unfold and Spread
You are
And SO IT IS ♡
Much Love & Healing Blessings
*Image taken from Kahliya’s ‘Soul Inspirations’ Message cards available in Kahliya’s online shop

All of You

20171114_134039 crp final sind

Unified Energy is an Energy that Manifests your Desired Goals.
If youre leaving parts of you behind
Unloved, uncared for, stuck, stagnant or aching,
It will show up in your Overall Force Field.
All parts of you need to be Aligned to
achieve the results you are after.
You can not send a part of you to move forward while other parts stay behind ailing or neglected.
You need to step forth whole and complete, acknowledging the importance of all of what you are made of,
For every part of you serves a purpose in your Existence.
Appreciate your Creation,
All of your Creation,
Tending to All of your needs
Then you can truly move forward
With All of what you have.
Much Love & Healing Blessings ♡

*Image taken from Kahliya’s ‘Soul Inspiration’ Message cards available in Kahliya’s online shop.

Life Force


Lets talk about worthiness
Do yo feel yourself deserving of all the Good this Life has to offer?
Do you feel worthy of Manifesting who you Truly Are?
Do you understand that you have been created
Therefore there is Purpose in your Creation.
That you are part of this magnificent abundant universe and linked to all that is?
When you release all that comes in the way of that connection you begin to see the wonder and the magic of creation,
And how you and your Creative Energy plays an Important part in the web of Life..Wow..
Why on Earth would you want to miss out on that?
Peel off all that does not allow you to see the magnificence of your own BEing.
When you tune into your own Life Force, your Life Force just takes you away into your True Destiny, not needing anymore to block your own way or to pay attention to anyone who does not understand.
You are a Seed of Creation
You are here to Carry Forth something Amazing that will Benefit us All.
Holding that from us
Will withold a part of the evolution of Humanity

Do you still think youre unworthy?
Think again
Infact..dont think at all
Feel your Worthiness
Feel our Worthiness for what you Have to Offer
We are approaching the 12.12 Energetic Gateway encouraging us to connect to our True Source and our Life Force.
Feel your Life Force pulsating through your veins.
Feel Life
Act Now
Give us what youve Got 😊
Much Love

*Image taken from Kahliya’s ‘Soul Inspiration’ Message cards available in Kahliya’s online shop

Hold onto the Vision


This is an important message for all those who may be feeling extra emotional at this time.
Holiday Season is in the air.. this brings up a lot for many of us.. the weather is getting pretty cold in some places and we are already within the powerful purging Energy of the Full Moon which occurs tommorow.
The Full Moon, as always, gives us that nudge for things to surface for us to Heal and Release and within the Holiday Season it can be extra challenging.
Those of us who are Empaths may be additionally absorbing this Energy from the collective as well.
Please remember to keep your Perspective.. things lately have started to move in a Positive way and this is not the time to lose the Motivation or the Momentum because it’s still here for you. Its always important for us to revisit these emotions to see where we’ve grown and where we wish to grow some more! So allow these feelings to emerge but dont stay there.. be extra kind and gentle with yourself and allow Healing to occur all whilst remembering what’s waiting for you!
Dont forget all your hard work and efforts, they will be taking you Far!
Remember there is so much to be grateful for..remember how far you’ve come and what is yet to come!
Raise your Vibration in any Positive way you can and
Hold onto the Vision ♡

Sending Much Love

*Image taken from Kahliya‘s ‘Soul Inspiration’ Message cards available in Kahliya’s online shop

Kahliya`s New Roll on Oils ~

20170429_123132 fin


Im in love with Kahliya`s New product
‘Celeste’ oil in Roll on form!
Roll on comes in its own little Cotton pouch and you can carry it around wherever you go and use it in any time of need!
100% Natural oil blend with notes of Lavender Bergamot Geranium and more, guaranteed to give you some calm and upliftment, raising your vibration instantly if you are stressed or anxious and helping you to sleep when you are in difficulty.
Instant return to the healing wonders of Nature combined with so much love for your highest good!
This is so precious ♡
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20170430_165106 fin

How cool is this?
Kahliya’s ‘Rustic’ oil now also in roll on form!
Perfect to take with you on the go..slides into it’s own Cotton pouch ready to use whenever in need ♡
Soothing grounding balancing
An oil blend based in Nourishing Sesame oil with notes of Patchouli and Frankincense brings you back to base when things seems out of control..great for sore muscles after a workout..and an excellent aftershave balm!
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Gift of Guidance ~


Hello Everyone!
If youve been enjoying Kahliya`s messages and Articles , you will enjoy Kahliya`s Message cards!
Designed to Always uplift and guide you on your journey towards manifesting your higher self, these sets of cards are great to have as positive reminders; choosing a message when seeking clarity and /or a beautiful gift for someone you would love to introduce to the power of positive inspiration!
At the moment there is a set of 10 cards and a set of 20, both come in a lovely handmade pouch.
There are more coming soon and you can always collect as you go!
Think of this as a soulful gift for the holidays, contributing our light to our human family
From my soul to yours and to your loved ones ~
Let the Love & Light Go round and Round
Much Love