New Blue Denim & Lapis Crystal/Medicine Pouch Necklace ~


Another Crystal Pouch Necklace !

This one is in Blue Denim, hand stitched with Brown waxed cord and decorated with Lapis Lazuli Crystals!
Great for carrying your favorite crystal, Amulet , Medicine etc on you as you go, while wearing a really cool piece!

Lapis is a protection stone, helps in communication,intuitive awareness and mental clarity.
Available in Kahliya`s online shop here

Made with Much Love

New Medicine Pouch


New Medicine/Crystal Pouch Necklace I handcrafted from Vegan friendly Black Cotton and Smoky Quartz Crystals.
Lovely way to carry  your favorite Crystal/Amulet/ Medicine pouch on you as you go!
Rustic Tribal look makes it Unisex , Great for Women And Men alike 🙂
Available here in Kahliya`s online shop

I am Joy ~ New Creation

I am Joy
I am Bliss
There is nothing
I shall miss
My Life is a Joyous Adventure !


Vibrant & Joyful Sunflower Yellow Floral Print in Lilac Colors
Free flowing Loose fit Drawstring Tunic Dress in Semi Sheer Fine Cotton Voile Fabric

Adaptable wear either Loose A-line or Using the Matching Lilac colored Satin cord wrapped around for a more gathered fitted elegant look!

This Dress is Available at Kahliya`s online shop

Made in pure Joy for you to enjoy!
in Provence France