If you are waiting impatiently for change that seems to be delayed, Divine timing is at play. There is always a higher reason. These days take a good look at your real motives for what you are wishing for. Observe any tiny hints of any conditioning, ego, jealousy, greed, anger, hate, bitterness, resentment etc that may arise within you. Be absolutely honest with yourself. Some patterns can be very ingrained and automatic yet very subtle you can easily overlook them. The mistakes you may have made in the past may have been a result of any of these. Any evil we see in the world today are an eventual result of tiny buds unattended and unhealed.
We are about to create a new world. One of pure intentions, of honesty and loving collaboration to grow together in peace, joy and prosperity. We have waited and wished for this moment a long time. We have gone through so much personally and collectively, we have seen it all, all that is not love.
We owe it to ourselves, to all our hard work and to Creation to be the utmost responsible at this point for our thoughts and actions, for our intentions to be the purest possible for the best outcome for us all.
We will always be given free will, but look where that got us.
We will always have good and bad influences. It is up to us to discern and to always look within for our highest guidance and moral compass to have the best purest intentions to manifest and create this new better world for ourselves and others, that we so wished for and worked so hard on ourselves to achieve.
Let your journey be well worth the effort. Take a good look within. Be very honest with yourself.
If you notice any buds of anything that is not the Pure you, try to understand which insecurity does it stem from. Look into the little child within that may still not have fully healed some wound, lack, frustration or something. Hold that child and recomfort it, to fully let go of the past lessons, for you have learned that there is no need for worry, there will be enough for everyone and we will create from a place of fullness within.
We have come this far to know and fully appreciate who we are as Divinely created beings and what we bring to the world. From this acknowledgement we co create together in harmony.
Take the time to heal whatever still needs healing within so we can all come together from this beautiful place.

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